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Resurrection of the Blog

All right, I did this a few years back and then dropped it.  Lots of things have been happening, but the blog scene has escaped me.  But now it’s time to get back to it.

I’ve been writing stories this year, short stories and slightly longer.  Some have been published, some are up and coming.  But it’s been a rewarding year in that respect.

Two of my stories are on INfectiveINk, under my real name, Mark Steele.  Check them out.  One is a Phantom of the Opera story, giving the reasons he left Paris the first time and headed East.  The other is a metaphor on the creation of the Universe.  And there will be more, I hope, from them in the future.

Next time I’m here I plan on going over the stories published this year.

Take care!

Citizen Saline


Colbert’s PAC Approved

Stephen Colbert’s Political Action Committee, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, got approved 2 days ago by the FEC on Thursday, June 30. Here’s a link to Colbert’s report on it:

Colbert’s Report on his changing political reality

‘Nuff Said….

Hello world!

Well, now, isn’t this special?  Though I started to develop this political arm(ory) of the Holy Discordian Movement 3 years ago, the Goddess had other plan.  After another bout with near madness. and 3 years of stalled issues, it looks like the time to DO IT is coming around.  (And if you believe I only DO IT every 3 years, you don’t KNOW me every well… to quote one of my namesakes, “I have to get laid every few days or I get grumpy”… thx, Freeman Hagbard!

I ended up here because it’s a relatively reputable site, and when I scanned for “Discordian Party”, I ended up here rather than in some weird Greek style orgy.  Lo and behold, the article was about holding a Tea Party, and since I’m at times Mad as a Hatter, and it’s PAST March…. well the Dormouse let me in, and here we are!

This stream of consciousness blog will be used to try and develop some of the political aspects of Discordian and Erisian philosophies, which have a distinct difference from the religious aspects.  To paraphrase a quote on the Discordian Society, “We’re not a joke disguised as a political party, we’re a political party disguised as a joke!”

Now since the Minions of the self-styled “Queen Roseanne” have seen fit to eliminate the traces of Fnordism from her OH SO SERIOUS political blog that sneakily promotes her book, we now have a forum of our OWN to work with.  NO platform, the planks are better suited for making Geodesic Domes as far as we’re concerned.  And since Dogmas chase Catmas, we think Planks should give way to Beams, and propose the following”


1) The Discordian Party must stick apart

2) We support Illuminatus! Imperator Colbert in his endeavors, so far as we understand them.

3) Jyhads shall be conducted with whipped cream (NO shaving cream, it tastes awful) and squrit guns NOT filled with acid or caustic chemicals.

4) Have you written a Fnord lately?

5) Eris does NOT like fruit pies!


Now, with these proposals on the … well, virtual tensegrity matrix…. any discussion?

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